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CPT has teamed up with commercial partner DKV to provide members with advice and solutions on day to day issues such as fuel bills, toll charges and VAT/Excise Duty recovery. 

For over 75 years, DKV has been the leading service provider to coach operators in Europe. 

Together with over 45,000 partners, DKV can assure members optimal pricing and saving of time. Toll charges and queuing up for bridges and tunnels are time consuming enough as they are.   

This service offers CPT members an all-in-one solution on fuel, toll payment, VAT recovery, Excise Duty refunding, online service, eReporting and much more when operating in Europe – and all without the need for cash. 

For further information download the brochure below, or contact CPT's Membership Team on telephone 020 7240 3131, or by email 

Visit the DKV Website at